Wordless Wednesday: Fighting Pet Obesity

When I was little, my momz used to weigh me on a weekly basis.  Now she weighs me once a month.

She says I have a nice trim figure, thanks to all the activities she has me doing...not to mention our daily walks.

But my favorite beyond favorite activity is swimming!  And going after a Wubba in da water?!  The BEST!  My momz sez dat swimming is good fur me. It's not like jumping. It doesn't bother my hips (momz noticed I turn my left hip out when I walk, so she doesn't play frisbee with me anymore. She doesn't want to aggrevate anything). Dats ok wit me, I'd rather swim!

My momz still puts a life jacket on me, I don't mind.  It helps me swim more so I can chase dat Wubba!