Claremont Wilderness Trail

Hiking the Claremont Wilderness Trail

This is such a fabulous trail.  It's about 5 miles around the loop. It is uphill for the first 2 miles, no matter if you take the right or the left fork.  However, if you take the left fork, it is not as steep, and you will be rewarded with shade on the way down.

To get to the trailhead, exit Baseline Road from the 210 freeway.  If you are going west on the 210, exit and turn right.  If you are going east on the 210 freeway, exit and turn left. Go to Mills Street and turn right.  Go to where Mills ends and you will see parking.  It is now $3 to park in the lots...and THEY DON'T TAKE CASH. So have your credit or debit card handy.

We had a great time.  There were about 9 of us on this hike...all with very well behaved dogs.  Did we see some dogs that could use some training out on the hike.  YES!  We even met an aggressive chihuahua.  I made a VERY loud comment about how that particular dog needed to go to training.  Unfortunately, because the dog was only 4 pounds, the owner thought that it didn't need it and that it was controllable.  The thing is, if that little dog antagonizes a larger dog and gets bit in the butt...who would be to blame?

I am always astounded by the human ability to deny reality and create a fantasy world to live in. 

Later in the afternoon, on of my friends told me about a great documentary: Beyond the Myth.  It's about breed specific legislation. And, if you have Netflix, you can stream it!  It's educational.

The next Hike is not posted in my group, it is posted under Outdoor Adventures with our K9 friends.  We will be doing the Nature preserve at Hidden Valley on Saturday, May 25, then Bighorn Mine in Wrightwood on May 26.  Check out the group!

Hiking with Fido's next hike is Lake Perris with wine tasting at Baily Winery in Temecula.  

See you on the trails!