Big Horn Mine Trail, Wrightwood, CA

Hike with your dog on the back side of the Angeles Forest. Since I did not have a hike planned with the Hiking with Fido Group, I decided to join a hike with the Outdoor Adventures group.  What a TERRIFIC hike!

Debbie, Organizer of Outdoor Adventures

I met Debbie, who is the organizer of the group and Mardy.  Originally there had been about 8 people that RSVP'd "yes" to the hike, but there were only three of us.

Debbie and I pretty much hike at the same pace.  And, we both look around at the little things.  We both spotted these little red flowers in the shade of a tree.  So we had to stop and take a picture! Not sure if my camera actually does this plant justice.  The color is actually a bright fuchsia.

I had never been on this trail before, but have always wanted to do it.  I'm so glad it did!  It does start of wide, narrows down to a single track (when we cross over shale/quartz as in the photo above). But it only stays single track when necessary.  It's usually wide enough for three people.

I feel like the caboose of the Pittie Train
This was the first time that I let Jake hike off leash.  Was I a nervous wreck at the beginning?  Of course!!  Thank goodness he wears a backpack...that eased my mind.  I kind of knew he would be ok, somewhere in the back of my head, because when I take him to socialization class at my trainer's facility, he checks in with me every now and then.  He's such a good dog!  And he got along FAMOUSLY with Debbie's dog Sophie.  Who said pitbulls are dangerous? Oh yea, probably the neighbor of an irresponsible dog owner.
Jake and Sophie (Jake has the backpack)

Molly, Mardy's pup
As you hike up the trail, you will come to the first mine.
Molly loved playing in the water. I think Pits are allergic to water...
Sophie. She is about the same size as Jake
BFF's...need I say more?


The trailhead was remarkably easy to find, as there was a HUGE parking lot on both sides of the street. There were also vault toilets available...but bring your own toilet paper.

I actually thought that the trail was closer to Wrightwood than it was.  It was about 8 miles east of Wrightwood, as you follow Route 2. As you pass the Ranger station just after Wrightwood, the scenery changes and becomes more alpine.  It was gorgeous!  

As described in "Best Hikes with Dogs in Southern California"
The trail is an unsigned wagon road to the left and below the path for Mount Baden-Powell/PCT. It is easy to find-just look for the "road closed" sign...The path follows the wagon-carved road he entire way to the mine, so the trail is especially easy to follow and well maintained. It is a bit rocky, but as long as your dogs are relatively conditioned, this short trail should be no big deal.
I just want to add that you should BRING YOUR HIKING BOOTS!  It is ROCKY out there.

Big Horn Mine (I assume)