By @chewslifedogrescue "Meet Beefy. Beefy is a 5 year old Bullmastiff who needs a foster home. Beefy was purchased from a breeder as a puppy. After years of having him the owner can no longer keep him due to HOA. The breeder will not take him back because he has issues with other dogs. Mastiff rescues will also not take him because of this reason. We are willing to take Beefy but need a foster with no other pets. He is great with humans, just needs to work with our trainer to socialize him with other dogs. He is good with cats. He has potential to be good with every dog. He has only had a problem with a couple of dogs but other times he is fine. He weighs 223 pounds, is neutered, UTD on shots, and microchipped. Because of his large size we need to find a dog savy foster with no other pets who is mentally and physically strong enough to care for him. He's a good boy...just gigantic and strong! Email if you are in SoCal and can foster Beefy. P.S. Let this be a friendly reminder that you cannot breed behavior. Dogs are reflections of their owners. Period. Breeders do not care about their dogs; they use dogs to make money for themselves. Breeding is about human greed. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise. "Pure bred" dogs end up at the shelter EVERY DAY because most breeders refuse to take them back if any type of issue arises and because the people who purchase them expect the dog to be perfect due to the "superior bloodline" they come from. Rescue dogs usually are throw away dogs from breeders and people who purchase from breeders. Adopt, don't shop." via @PhotoRepost_app

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