Product Review from the Trail: The Poop Pac (or What to do with your dogs doo doo)

Have you ever gone on a dog walk or a hike with your dog, only to carry a smelly poop bag back to the closest garbage receptacle?  On a hike, the closest garbage might be back at the trailhead!  This is NOT fun.

I used to double bag poop and put them in my dogs' backpacks. I double bagged them because my dogs like to roll to the side.  If I didn't and they roll to the side where the bag is...well, can I just way EWWWW!

I've found a solution for my walks and hikes which has served me well for the past 2 years, and maybe it could work for you!  I was introduced to the PoopPac on a hiking trip to Idyllwild, CA.  I personally think it's the best thing since sliced bread!

What the Poop Pac can do for you:

1. The Poop Pac is VERY durable.  

It is a hard shell poop bag carrier and poop bag dispenser.  It is a clamshell design. On a hike, I usually clip this to one of the dog's backpack. At the end of the hike, when they are tired, they lie on down on whatever side is closest to the ground, and don't care which side of the pack I put their poop bags.  With the Poop Pac, the poop bags have never been crushed!

2. You can use it as an extra pocket.  
The other issue I had was our daily walks, which can be anywhere between 2 to 5 miles. It's hard to carry a poop bag for that long, and personally, I hate using a neighbor's garbage can, unless it's garbage day. Additionally, I generally wear pocket-less clothes when we go for a walk, like sweatpants or yoga pants.  This poses a problem, because like many folks, I like to bring my cel phone with me and need a place to put it. Not to mention, I need a place to put my keys.  Before the Poop Pac came along, I would wear a fanny pack or have one of the dogs wear a lop-sided backpack. 

There are two compartments separated by a hard shell wall.  The first space is where put my keys and cel phone. At the bottom of this area is where the roll of poop bags can be placed and dispensed.  The second compartment is where the used poop bag goes.  You can use any roll of poop bags as long as the roll fits in the compartment.  Most rolls fit, so this shouldn't be a make or break reason for you not to buy this product.  

3. The Poop Pac gives you carrying options. 
The Poop Pac comes with a shoulder sling, which I use during our daily dog walk.  On the back side of the Poop Pac, there is a stainless steel belt clip.  It's pretty sturdy.  I've clipped it to Jake's backpack and also to Nanook's harness, when we've gone on shorter hikes (although on her it looks like a satellite dish).

4. The Poop Pac controls odors.  
Who wants to carry around a stinky poop bag anyway? In the compartment that carries the poop, there is a carbon filter that help control odors.  Let me tell you...THIS REALLY WORKS. If you have a poop bag in there and the Pac is zipped, you can't smell it. You can purchase additional carbon filters at a nominal price, if you run out. 

5. The Poop Pac is machine washable.  
So, because I've hooked the Poop Pac to my dog's backpack, it has a tendency to get dirty. And because I chose a yellow band, you can definitely see the dirt. The finish of the Poop Pack is a smooth rayon/polyester shell which doesn't attract dirt, but when your dog rolls on the trail, things can't help but get dirt on them.  The easy part of this is that you can just drop the Pac in the washer, then let it air dry.

6. It's pretty difficult to misplace the Poop Pac. 
My problem with a regular pocket bag dispenser, is that I put it down and I forget it. I can't tell you how many of these dispensers I have purchased over the years. I also tend to misplace them because they are about the size of my palm. With the size of the Poop Pac, you will never misplace your poop bag dispenser again.  Hang it on your coat rack when you come in from your walk or toss it in the bin with your dog's hiking gear.  You'll be able to see it where ever it is.

I've been using the PoopPac for over two years now and I do not leave home without it.  If you are like me, always trying to be responsible and pick up after your dog, this could be your ticket. 

The verdict? Do yourself a favor and Get the Poop Pack NOW!!  
Check out the link below to order through Amazon (it's safe and EASY!)