October is Adopt-a-Pet month!

All of my pets were adopted - dogs and cats. There are many reasons why a family gives up their pet and it's always heartbreaking. If we could open our hearts and think of saving a life, we could help out millions of homeless and abandoned animals.

Here is my motley crew and how they came to live with me.

Bella is a cat that I rescued from the SPCA. When I got her, she was probably about 8 months old.  Her hair was very matted. I got her a good bath, but she hated to be combed.  I used to distract her with food while I combed her.  And I used to sing to her too.  Now she is the sweetest thing!

Babi Ji
Babi Ji was a rescue at 3 months old.  I was doing pet photography at Petco and someone came up to me and asked me if I wanted a cat.  They were going to take her to the shelter if I had said no. I had had Bella for about 7 months by this time. They got along famously!

From Left to Right: Jake, Nanook and Tempe

Jake was through a rescue. I got him at 8 weeks, rescued from a backyard breeder.

Nanook is the most recent addition to the family. I've had her for about 2 1/2 months now.  She is the sweetest. We are working on her anxiety. Her owner didn't want her anymore.  He may have moved to a place that didn't accept dogs, who knows...

Tempe was my first addition when I moved into my house.  She was the first to be friendly with the cats and the first to teach me about being a "Dog person" as opposed to a "Cat person".

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