Reviews from the Trail: Whole Life Treats

What I love about Barkbox (@getbarkbox) is that every month they send Jake some really great stuff to try. Actually, they mail it to me, but since I can't eat anything in there... Well, regardless, they don't send rinky-dink 10-piece trial size bags; they send full size product specimens to give you and your dog a proper trial. They also provide the small whole-food manufacturers a proper audience with dog-owners, since it is such a niche market. Because these treats are whole food (no artificial fillers or flavors type of treats) I use some of them for training and for nibbles on the trail. I mean, what better way to try out treats, especially if they are high caloric (which treats usually are BTW).

Because Jake is so sensitive to grains, I have him on a grain free diet. I supplement his kibble with vegetables.  Carrots and pumpkin (actually any squash) are his favorite. So when I go to look for treats, I'm very particular about the ingredients.  It's seems so easy for him to break out in hives.

In my last Barkbox, they included the Grilled Sirloin Burgers made by WholeLife.  I decided to try them because they are 100% beef sirloin (according to the label). They are grain AND gluten free.  These little tidbits are made from dehydrated beef.  Do I have to say that Jake LOVED them?  And why not? What dog in their right mind would not like a little unadulterated beef after hiking up a mountain for 3 miles? I took advantage of his addiction to WholeLife Treats and did some recall training on our last hike.

What I like about this product, is that it is LIGHT. It does not take up a lot of space or add any weight to my pack or Jake's pack.  John Mackey, CEO of Whole Life Foods, describes these treats this way:

 "Tail Mix treats contain zero filler. Just what your dog needs and nothing more. We gently dry our treats, taking away excess moisture, while concentrating flavor and nutrition. The result is light weight, crisp and delicious. Lighter also means more treats per ounce than biscuit and soft treat...more times to connect with you best friend and treat them right."

If you are looking for something lightweight and nutricious to take on your next hike, get a couple bags of these.  You can find them on or, reasonably priced.

And check out other flavors available:  Whole Life Pet Treats