Reviews from the Trail: Sliders Tender Meat Treats

In this month's Barkbox (@getbarkbox) I received some treats that Jake really enjoyed on our last hike.  These treats are all natural. They look like beef jerky (or chicken jerky, depending on the flavor you purchase) for dogs.  On this particular hike with Jake, I had the Beef and Cheddar flavor.  These are also available in Chicken and Cheddar.

Now, Jake is not a particularly picky eater. As a matter of fact, he has a pretty healthy food drive.  Need I say that he LOVED these?  That really isn't a good review. The opinion of a dog that is food driven weighs about an ounce to that of a dog that is a picky eater - even after 4 miles of hiking.

There was a dog on our hike that actually matched this description. Jules was a very lithe Italian greyhound bully mix. Not only did she hike 4 miles in to the our destination, but even at 4 years old, she had energy to spare to run around with Jake. Even AFTER the hike in and running rampant around the meadow, she STILL would not eat the kibble that her owner brought for her (apparently she only ate half her breakfast). She didn't even want to eat the treat her owner brought for her.

Since I had 2 of the Sliders Tender Stikz, I offered one to her owner. She was so happy to have something that agreed with her discerning taste buds, she was wagging her tail like CRAZY.  I would say she enjoyed these treats, and because they are whole food treats, I did not have any issues (I had a "Clear Conscience") offering them to members of my hiking group.

What's in these?

According to the manufacturer's website (Clear Conscience), these treats are FREE from fillers, glycerin, propylene glycol, sugars and syrups. This is one of the reasons the company is called Clear Conscience. Additionally, these treats do not contain any grains, glutens, or other artificial fillers.

Sliders Tenders are available in these single vacuum packed servings.  They are also available in packages of 4oz. I tried the beef and cheddar flavor and it was well received.  The single servings can be purchased in batches of 6 in a box.  These treats are perishable, so they should be refrigerated after opening.

The packages of Sliders Tenders contain the same product as the Stikz, but cut into small squares. They are little bite-sized tidbits, great for training! Particularly if you have to deal with a picky eater like Jules.

Interested?  Check out their website:

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