Hike Box Mountain Springs Tower Loop Trail

We had a great morning hiking the Box Springs Mountain Reserve.  It started off a little close, but once we got out from the shadow of the hill and into the sunlight, it's like the world came alive...and we warmed up!

There were three of us, on this initiating hike of the Hiking with Fido - Inland Empire fledgling group.  But three IS company!


 The view from the top was breathtaking...especially since it had rained just the day before.

 View on the Edison Trail, a single-track trail that took us back to the parking lot.

Michelle and Indie taking a break...

Box Springs Mountain Reserve is in the hills directly above University of California - Riverside.  I highly recommend hiking these hills during the non-summer months.  There is no shade...and best of all, there are no snakes.

To get to the back side of the hills (where we started) you will need to take Pidgeon Pass Road from the 60 freeway, north. Go about 4 miles until the road turns to a dirt road.  At this point, the road changes names to Box Springs Road. Use the address listed in this picture, if you want to locate the trail head and parking lot via Google maps.

Happy hiking!